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 FEES 2017

The second section of our fees is the School Resource Fee which is set by the School Board. This fee funds the operating and maintenance costs of the school, including the wages for the school’s janitor and cleaner as well as meeting our costs with electricity, rates, building maintenance and the keeping of gardens and  play areas.

The third section of the fees is the Student Resource Fee and this covers the costs of all items supplied by the school and used by students including such things as exercise and text books, pens and pencils, photocopy paper and craft materials.

The fees for 2016  per child / family are as follows:

​Per Term 
​For the Year
​* CEO Tuition Fee(CEO funds per family) 
​$276 ​
​School Resource Fee (per family)
​Student Resource Fee (per child per term)

* CEO Tuition Fee(CEO funds per family)         $138 (50% discount if a sibling attends Lumen Christi Catholic College) ​
​​The total costs depend on how many children you have attending St Patrick’s.​
Total cost for one student is: $2,464

​From 2013, there is a one off cost of $10 to purchase each new child to St Patrick’s with a set of Poly Plugs that will be used in their Numeracy lessons. This fee will be attached to your first school fee. It is intended to be a once only fee unless a child needs a set to be replaced which would cost $10 (if there is not an increase in the commercial cost of the plugs). 

*There is a 50% discount on Family Tuition Fees (CEO fee) if a sibling attends Lumen Christi Catholic College for High School at Pambula. 

​​For a 4th or subsequent child attending St Patrick's Primary or Lumen Christi Secondary School, there is no charge for the CEO Tuition Fee. The Student and School Resource Fees are required as they purchase the items needed for class work and help meet the costs of performances, local excursions and running costs of the school itself.​​​