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​The school's Vision Statement was formed as part of the school renewal through the "IDEAS" project that we undertook from the beginning 2008 until 2015.

This process was developed by the Southern Queensland University and Dr. Dorothy Wells who was our mentor through the journey.

The school renewal process involved staff, students and parents through the School Board, Parents and Friends meetings and the school newsletter.

From the information and ideas gathered we developed our vision statement "School With a View".

The idea of a vision statement is for a short phrase with real meaning that is identified with who you are and what you want to be.

From the school we do have a beautiful view around the valley but what we really wanted to capture with our vision was for all in our school community to take on a 'view' to providing real and positive learning opportunities for the students and ourselves as a community.​


Our Vision: "School with a View..." 

This is a short statement that identifies our role as educators to develop each child as an individual empowering them to eventually be able to participate in our community as individuals capable of forming their own opinions based on the knowledge they themselves gain. 

\It reflects our views as a Catholic school and our role in serving the Catholic Parish and the general community in the Bega Valley. Allowing students to develop positive views on life that will support family and Christian based values is important.

 School Logo

Alternate TextSt Patricks Logo

St Patrick Primary School's new logo represents who we are as a school. It was formed from our old logo during the IDEAS process.

The centre of our school logo is the Chi Rho Cross which has been found next to the tomb of St Peter himself under the main altar at St Peter's Basilica in Rome.

It was a symbol used by the very early christian Church and is a part of their traditional art heritage. Historians also say that it was seen in a vision by the Roman Emperor Constantine from an old Christian symbol.

His vision preceded a historical victory which made him Emperor of the whole Roman Empire in 312. It became part of his own emblem as Augustus Caesar.  This vision was the turning point that converted him to Christianity. The Chi Rho Cross has always been a part of the St Patrick's Primary School emblem. It is a sign of belief, strength and courage.

The green line in the background, represents Mumbulla Mountain, (see below), which is a dominant land feature visible to the north of our school. Mumbulla Mountain is a significant sacred site for the local indigenous people.  The red and yellow lines represent the hills that fill our valley. They are the pasture lands for our local farmer's which has provided a source of living for the white settlers in the 1820's up to now.

The blue wavy lines represent the creeks and rivers that provide water and life to and through the valley. The waves also represents our connection to the coast. Our students at St Patrick's come from the surrounding hills and settlements such as Cobargo, Bemboka, Candelo, Wolumla to the settlements and townships located on the coast from Bermagui and Tathra to Tura Beach.

"Christ With Us" was formed from St Patrick's Breastplate, a prayer written by St Patrick himself which a part of it is our school prayer. As a Christian community we recognise that Christ is indeed with us in our lives, and we celebrate this with our children.The blue, red and yellow of our mountain and hills are the House colours for our sports houses.MacKillop - Yellow (Mary MacKillop.

The Sisters of St Joseph were a major part of the life and history of our school until recently).Tenison - Red (Fr. Tenison Woods was part of the Mary MacKillop story in the founding of the Sisters of St Joseph).Penola - Green (Penola was where Mary MacKillop established her first school in South Australia in 1867).

Alternate Text Mumbulla Mountain

Mumbulla Mountain, a traditional Aboriginal Site north of Bega. The outline of the mountain and hills shape our school crest behind the Chi Rho.​

The Bega River that is the water lifeline of the valley runs between the mountain and our township. It runs to the sea at Tathra. The river and the ocean waters are also represented on our school crest in the blue water symbols.​​