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The school of St Patrick's has a strong community that supports the education of the children attending the school. Many parents, parishioners and friends of the school help in a variety of ways to create a strong family atmosphere. All families are encouraged to be a part of their children's education. 

Ways in which you can help are below.

The Parents & Friends Organisation

The Parents and Friends Association has a major role to play in our school by:

  • developing partnerships between parents and teachers
  • providing parents a forum for discussion and learning
  • providing input on parent priorities and suggest ideas about Catholic schooling
  • helping to build community within the parent body
  • providing opportunities for social interaction and for parents to form supportive networks
  • supporting the School Board and its policies
  • fund raising for the school e.g. special projects, resources for students, cleaning costs 
  • developing and maintaining the grounds
  • providing student services e.g. canteen
    appointing a member to the School Board
  • Usually, meetings are held twice a term, a night meeting and a day meeting. This has been done to allow parents to have the opportunity to attend at least one meeting a term.
Membership is open to all parents/guardians of students of the school and other individuals who support the school and accept the functions and rules of the Association.
Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting which is held at the first meeting of the school year.


​​St Patrick's Primary School prides itself in the way we come together as a school community to help in the education of our children. Parents, carers and family members, as well as friends form the parish can help our school in many ways.

​If you want to be a part of our 'Helping Hands', a list below is an indication of how you can do that. There are never too many helpers. Ring the school, class teacher, Librarian or the appropriate Parents and Friends committee person and join in supporting your school.

 You can be a Helping Hand at St Patrick's by:

      • listening to children read in classes
      • being a parent tutor in the resource programme
      • organising class readers for home for the teacher
      • providing your talents for student extension groups
      • helping at school carnivals and sports days
      • helping students with computer skills in the classrooms
      • covering books for the Library
      • helping with re shelving books in the Library
      • supporting the Library's "Book Fair"
      • volunteering as a helper in the Canteen on Mondays
      • helping with the school Barbeques at sports carnivals and special days
      • volunteering for working bee's
      • attending Parents and Friends meetings
      • ]being a part of our fund raising activities
      • There are always many more ways to help. Take the opportunity to be a part of your child's education. Ring Gwen or Gerard at school for further information.

For Information on the School Board, click here​​.​