Virtual Grandparent’s and Special Friends Day



Activities to Enjoy Together Today (and Every Day)

Cooking Class 
Grandparents should pull out their favorite recipe for a virtual cooking tutorial. Families on each end of the call should prepare ingredients and supplies ahead of time so grandparents can teach their grandchildren how to make the perfect pie or the creamiest pasta ever over a video call. Stick around on the call to enjoy the dish together and catch up over a great meal.

(Distanced) Walk Down Memory Lane

Whether you're distanced or together, pull out a photo album to reminisce on stories of when grandparents were their grandchildren’s age. This can also be done virtually by simply flipping the camera during a video chat to show a photo album. Kids will love to hear all the fun adventures their grandparents went on when they were their age.

Distanced Dinning 

Both the grandparent and grandchild can make their favorite dishes and drop them off at the other’s house to enjoy. Or, the grandchild can make their favorite snack (with a guardian’s help of course!) and bring it to an outdoor picnic on Grandparent's Day. 

Play a Board Game 

Games like Monopoly and Scrabble are great to play together, especially if you both have the games at your house.

Show and Tell

Student picks out a special piece of artwork or current favorite toy and shares it with the grandparents. Grandparent/Special Friend can return the favor, sharing a beloved family heirloom or unique artifact from a recent trip.